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8 Best Cat Cafes in Paris for a Fluffy Visit in 2024

Are you a cat lover and wanting some purr therapy while traveling in France?

This list has the best cat cafes in Paris plus a cat themed adventure, tea room and the best places to find Parisian cats living in the city. 

I’ve spent decades exploring the ins and outs of Paris, and I’m excited to share this list of places with fellow travelers and cat lovers. As a self-proclaimed cat lover myself, these cafes are among the best I’ve seen.  

👉 Also included are hand picked hotels near a cat cafe or place to find friendly kitties during your stay.

If you want a mix of Parisian cafe culture with the bonus of a sweet cat on your lap you’re in for a treat!

8 Best Cat Cafés and Cat Related Places in Paris

Here’s where to find cat themed Parisian cafés where you can unwind with a cup of coffee or meal and some purr therapy in the company of fellow cat lovers.

Keep in mind that “chat” (pronounced like shah) translates to “cat” in English.

1. Chat Mallows Café

Five cats of different breeds sitting in a line and on a table at Chat Mallows cat cafe in Paris
Sweet resident cats at Chat Mallows Cafe cat cafe in Paris. Photo courtesy of Chat Mallows Cafe.

If you’re in the 15th arrondissement, check out Le Chat Mallows Café located on rue des Volontaires right by the Volontaires metro stop.

Most French cat cafes require you to reserve a time slot in advance, and this cafe makes it easy to do that online.

Overall, the place is very cute with painted artwork on the walls and 13 adorable resident cats, young and old. It’s one of the most feline-friendly spaces in the city. I personally love cat cafes because there are therapeutic effects to enjoying a pot of tea or cup of coffee while spending time petting and enjoying these friendly cats.

A black and White cat sitting on a shelf with a yellow and blue striped wall behind them. Two more cats white cats with very large ears sitting on a table in the corner of Chat Mallows Cafe, a cat cafe in Paris, France
Photo courtesy of Chat Mallows Cafe in Paris.

Entrance fee is  €10/person (ages 6+) and includes a complimentary cup of tea. They also have a menu if you’d like to buy something else like old-fashioned hot chocolate, cold drinks, ice cream, homemade cheesecake, etc.

You can reserve your spot in advance here to visit the lovely cats at Mallows Chat Café. 

2. Le Café Des Chats

An orange tabby cat sitting on a chair agaisnt a window looking out onto a street. At Le Cafe des Chats, one of the cat cafes in Paris
Athena, a resident cat at Le Cafe des Chats, Paris. Photo courtesy of Le Cafe des Chats.

Le Café des Chats is a restaurant with a tea room where resident cats live freely. All the cats are rescue cats that now have a permanent home at Café des Chats. They are not up for adoption.

Located near the Canal Saint-Martin on rue Michel le Comte, Le Café des Chats is one of the most famous cat cafés in Paris.

It has a cozy, historic vibe with cloth-covered wooden chairs, an old piano, intricate chandeliers, and plenty of cat tree houses and steps built into the walls for cats to climb and playful kittens to explore (we know cats love to be up high).

They have 13 cute kitties of various origins, ages and colors. They perch themselves high up on the wall mounts out of reach. It’s all the same a wonderful place for cat lovers!

White fluffy cat sitting on a tabel at Le Cafe des Chats, a Paris cat cafe.
Izmir, a resident cat at Le Cafe des Chats. Photo courtesy of Le Cafe des Chats in Paris.

They do NOT take reservations and are open to visitors of all ages. It’s also a lot more like a typical Parisian cafe. You can come for a cup of coffee or a light lunch or for brunch or even dinner. 

They prioritize organic ingredients. 

Cat Related Places In Paris

Man sitting on cement steps outside wearing a beret and playing accordiaon with a black cat perched on the accordion, in Paris, France
Man playing accordion with a cat in Paris

There are only 2 true cat cafes in Paris. However, there are numerous unique things to do in Paris revolving around cats. These are my best picks.

3. Escape Game Le Triangle – Planet of the Cats Experience

This is a unique environment with cats; it is not a Paris cat cafe, but an unusual cat themed experience. You can take part in an escape game themed around cats taking over the world, from the perspective of the White House.

If you love escape rooms and want to do something ultra unique in Paris, The Planet of the Cats is one of the coolest unusual things to do in Paris.

The escape game is accompanied by several resident cats who live on the property, which adds a lot of fun to the experience. This is an ideal place to come if you love cats of various origins and truly unique experiences.

It is put on in French, so keep this in mind when planning to visit.

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  • Hours: Monday-Friday from 12 pm – 8 pm and Saturday-Sunday from 10 am – 8 pm

4.Tea For My Cat – Cat Themed Tea Room

For a hidden gem and cat-themed cafe with tea room in Paris’s 15th arrondissement, Tea For My Cat is arranged in a British style with delicious food like fresh cakes, specialty teas, coffee, and cat-related merchandise. 

There are no actual cats within the cafe, but their drinks and cat-shaped mugs and teapots make it one of the best places to visit for cat lovers in Paris.

5. La Minouterie – Boutique Hotel for Cats

Are you a cat owner and want to bring your cat on vacation with you but don’t want to leave him or her shut up in your hotel room all day while you explore?

La Minouterie is Paris’s luxury hotel made exclusively for cats. Meaning your cat can stay there, but you can’t. It’s one of the best places for your furry friends to stay and play in the city.

This is one of the best options for cat owners who want to give their cat a cool and safe place to stay in Paris!  They’ll be groomed, fed and cared for, with plenty of space for exploration (and cat trees to climb).

6. Hotel Le Chat Noir – Hotel with Black Cat Details Throughout

Hôtel Le Chat Noir is where the famous 1920s cabaret of the same name was located (you’ve probably seen the iconic Le Chat Noir posters). 

Despite no longer being the black cat cabaret, the hotel has incorporated plenty of black cat details throughout the hotel.

It’s located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Montmartre, and is a wonderful area to base your trip to Paris.

7.Montmartre Cemetery – Place to See Cats Living in Paris

Two Black cats sitting on leaves nest to large square stone structure in Montmartre Cemetery in Paris.
Black cats in Montmartre cemetery, Paris

If you simply want to see more cats while traveling in Paris, you’ll have a lot of luck at the 19th-century Montmartre Cemetery. It’s also the third largest necropolis in Paris, and it’s really quite beautiful.

It’s said around 50 stray cats are living in and around the cemetery. They are cared for by the local community, but many are timid so keep this in mind when visiting.

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  • Hours: Monday-Friday from 8am – 6pm, Saturday from 8:30am – 6pm, and Closed Sunday

8. Père Lachaise Cemetery – Place to See Cats Living in Paris

Large stone structuer near a cobbled path with trees turning yeelow in fall. Pere lachaise cemetery, Paris. One of the places to see cats in Paris.
Pere Lachaise cemetery, Paris

The city’s largest cemetery and the most visited cemetery in the world is another great place to see cats in Paris.

They will wander freely across the tombstones of legends like Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison, and locals of the 20th arrondissement care for them by leaving food and water every day.

Visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery is probably already on your Paris bucket list, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for cats when you’re there. Père Lachaise is something of a hidden gem in Paris, overlooked by many but worth a visit.

👉 Check out these great walking tours of Pere Lachaisesmall group, private tours and even a haunted tour! 👻

FAQ – Cat Cafes in Paris

Below are questions and answers about the cat cafés in Paris

Does Paris have a cat café? 

Yes. Paris has two actual cat cafés where visitors can have refreshments and pet rescue cats that are available for adoption: Chat Mallows Cafe and Le Cafe des Chats.

Where can I see cats in Paris? 

You can see and pet rescue cats in Paris at the Chat Mallows Cafe and Le Cafe des Chats. You will likely see some of the stray cats living in Paris at Pere Lachaise Cemetery and Montmartre Cemetery. Also you can interact with cats at the immersive cat experience, Planet of the Cats.

What is the best time to visit a cat cafe?  

Morning or afternoon if you want to avoid a lunch crowd, but really any time is fine to visit.

What is the most famous café in Paris? 

Cafe de Flore is probably the most famous Parisian cafe.

Where to Stay in Paris near Cats 🐈

Man sitting on cement steps outside wearing a beret and playing accordiaon with a black cat perched on the accordion, in Paris, France
Man playing accordion with a cat in Paris

These are top quality hotels with character that are also near places to find cats 😊.

📍 Luxury Option:  Hôtel Le Presbytère  (Pompidou Center – 20 min walk to Le Café des Chats) Small boutique hotel, with exposed beams, located in Presbytere, with attentive staff, Gothic architecture, and warm and cozy rooms. 

📍 Mid-Range Option: Hotel JoBo (Josephine Bonapart) (Near Canal St. Martin and Le Café des Chats) Built on an old convent, boutique hoteljust a quick walk to the metro, eccentric rooms, a tearoom, and a bar open 24 hours, near countless bars and restaurants, helpful staff.

📍 Budget Option:  Hotel Bonsejour (Montmartre – very near Montmartre Cemetery). Classic interior, some rooms have balconies, a local and romantic neighborhood near attractions, good value, authentic interior, near metro, quick walk to Moulin Rouge and Sacré-Cœur Cathedral, cozy atmosphere, kind staff.

Final Thoughts – Best Cat Cafés in Paris

If you are a cat owner or fellow cat lover like myself, you can get your purr therapy in Paris!  

Chat Mallows Café and Le Café des Chats are excellent locations for refreshments and time petting and being around their resident cats. Plus you will in the company of other cat lovers, and having things in common is a great starting point for meeting new people while traveling.

You can also visit a cat themed hotel or tea shop, take part in a unique cat themed escape experience or visit one of the famous cemeteries in Paris where the feral cats live and hang out.

Any of these can easily fit into a longer Paris Itinerary or even if you are visiting Paris for a few days. And if visiting other cities in France, know that you can visit cats at the cat caféin Avignon, too! Enjoy!

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