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9 Things To Know Before Booking A Chocolate Tour In Paris

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Looking to book a chocolate tour in Paris? Here’s everything you need to know about chocolate tours and tastings in Paris!

Eating a real French truffle in Paris was like a dream for me when I was younger. I’ve been to Paris many times since I lived in France as a student and I miss the truffles and pain au chocolate every time I leave.

When you take a chocolate tour, you not only get to sample amazing artisan chocolates, you will get a taste of the history and culture around chocolate in Paris, and will learn some local information useful for the rest of your trip

Chocolate tours in Paris vary based on neighborhood, which shops you visit, if they include pastries, macarons or wine, and different tours focus on different aspects of chocolate creation.

Read on for tips, a quick guide to tours and our pick for the best overall chocolate tour in Paris.

Quick Guide to Chocolate Tours in Paris:

Here is a sample of different chocolate tour options, all highly rated:

Choclate shop in Paris

The artisan chocolates in Paris are some of the best in the world, with a long and rich history. The oldest chocolate shop, A La Mère de famille, is over 200 years old! The French eat about 8.8kg of chocolate per household per year, so they know a thing or two about chocolate!

Best Chocolate Tour In Paris

If you’re looking for the best overall chocolate tour in Paris then Saint-Germain The Original Chocolate Tasting Tour is where you want to be.

This tour has got something for everyone. 

This intimate walking tour will guide you to the finest chocolate shops in the Saint-Germain district of Paris. Not only will you have the chance to sample delicious homemade truffles in this historic neighborhood, but you’ll also have the chance to try other delicious French desserts like chocolate eclairs and macaroons

Your experienced guide will teach you about the history and influence of chocolate in the City of Lights as you wander famous Parisian streets and see some of the city’s biggest landmarks.

➡️Book your Saint-Germain Chocolate Tour tickets before they run out!

9 Things To Know Before Booking A Chocolate Tour In Paris

Artisanal chocolates similar to ones seen on a chocolate tour in Paris

If you are a chocolate lover or simply want to learn more about the famous chocolate culture and history of Paris, booking a tour is the way to go.

Below are some essential tips to choose an excellent tour.

1. Research Tour Companies

Always do your research before you book a tour. When you find a tour you like, read reviews, check their website, and make sure they offer experiences that align with your preferences.

Researching the tour company beforehand will help make sure you are not disappointed!

2. Look for Specialized Chocolate Tours

Artisinal chocolates and melted chocolate.

Look for reputable tour companies that have specializes chocolate tours in Paris, not general food tours or history tours that happen to stop by a couple of chocolate shops. 

Specialized tours are more likely to offer in-depth knowledge. These are the tours that know the secret hot spots to visit and they’ll often have exclusive access to Parisian chocolatiers and chocolate shops.

3. Consider the Itinerary and Stops

Review the tour itinerary to see which chocolate shops, patisseries, and chocolatiers the tour will visit. Most chocolate tours are either in St. Germain des Pres or Montmartre, with some in the Marais area.

You may prefer to see some of the sights in Montmartre or maybe you prefer to visit Café de Flore in St. Germain area, for example.

4. Know the Tour Length and Itinerary

Some chocolate tours in Paris may last a few hours, while others may be half-day or full-day experiences. Meanwhile, some tours may depart from the meeting location early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Choose a tour that fits your schedule and doesn’t conflict with anything else you might have planned for your Paris trip.

5. Take a Small Group Tour

I highly recommend small group tours. You will have more of a local and immersive experience both with your guide and the owners of the chocolate shops you visit. You’ll get a more intimate and personalized experience.

Small groups also have the advantage of easier maneuverability through narrow streets and crowded shops. This way you don’t miss any hidden gems along the way. 

6. Book in Advance

Chocolate tours in Paris are not just popular, they’re very popular.

Paris has a long and rich history of chocolate making, dating back to the 17th century when chocolate first arrived in France. Now, Paris makes some of the finest quality chocolates in the world.

In a city that sees 30 million tourists in a year, you’ll want to book your tour in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment if your tour books out.

7. Check for Language Options

Before you book, double-check that the tour includes a guide who speaks your preferred language. Remember, you’re in Paris, where the official language is French.

8. Keep an Open Mind and Palate

Parisian chocolatiers often experiment with unique ingredients and flavor profiles. So, be open to trying new flavors and combinations.

Keep in mind Paris is known for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.

For instance, Paris is famous for its hot chocolate, or chocolat chaud, but its thick, velvety texture and creamy flavor are likely very different from what you’re used to.

French chocolate often has a more pronounced flavor compared to most American chocolates. Embrace the opportunity to expand your palate and you’ll discover unexpected chocolate delights your taste buds will love.

👉Travel Tip: For the best hot chocolate in Paris, stop by Angelina near Place Vendôme.

Chocolates and pastries at Angelina in Paris
Pastries at Angelina’s in Paris

9. Enjoy the Cultural Experience

Chocolate tours in Paris are not just about tasting chocolate; they’re also about immersing yourself in the city’s rich culinary culture and enjoying the experience with fellow chocolate enthusiasts. 

Relax and savor each moment as you take in the sights, sounds and culture of Paris.

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Best Places To Stay In Paris

I’ve stayed in many parts of Paris over the years. The main thing is to be near a metro station and choose an area that is interesting and easy for walking. These choices fit the bill.

📍Luxury: Hotel Recamier (St. Sulpice, St. Germain des Pres) elegant and peaceful location, former Bourgeois family home, views of St. Sulpice, discreetly nestled behind trees, award-winning.

📍Mid-Range: Hotel d’Angleterre – (St, Germain des Pres), 18th century building with exposed beams and lovely interior, near the metro, a quick walk to the Louvre, Café de Flore, and Les Deux Magots

📍 Budget: Hotel La Louisiane (St. Germain des Pres) Unique, artsy, original, well located, quiet inner courtyard, sitting room with piano. Excellent location.

FAQs – Chocolate in Paris

Questions and answers about chocolate in Paris.

Which chocolate is famous in Paris?

Paris is known for artisanal dark chocolate truffles and fine chocolates. Patrick Roger is a famous Parisian chocolatier known for his elaborate chocolate sculptures and artisan chocolates.

What is the famous Paris hot chocolate?

Angelina’s hot chocolate is the most famous in Paris.

Does Paris have good chocolate?

Paris has some of the best artisanal chocolate in the world.

Final Thoughts

Paris may be known for its art, world-renowned museums, and incredible architecture, but it’s also one of the best places in the world to be a chocolate lover.

With a chocolate tour in Paris, you get to experience a little bit of everything that makes Paris grand. Not only do you get to learn more about the city’s culture and history, while walking down famous streets, but you get to do it all while eating a an authentic French truffle! What could be better than that?

There are so many things to see and do in Paris, but when you plan your adventure, be sure to make some space in your itinerary for a chocolate tour. Use these nine tips to guarantee a truly delicious experience.