Is Versailles Worth Visiting? Why To Go + Why Not To In 2024

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Wondering if Versailles worth visiting? Yes! Versailles is absolutely worthwhile for most people, depending on your circumstances.

The Versailles Palace is magnificent both inside and out; one of the most famous palaces in the world, and one of the things Paris is most known for.

To enjoy your visit, you need to have enough time and be crowd tolerant or know how to avoid them. Also, people with very small children may want to wait or modify their visit.

As a seasoned (and slow) traveler, I’ve visited my fair share of palaces and architectural marvels. Including Versailles!

Based on my visit there and years of travelling in France and Europe, I will answer the question, “Is Versailles worth visiting” by looking the reasons to visit and reasons not to, plus offer tips for an excellent experience.

Is Versailles Worth Visiting?

Palace gardens at Versailles
Famous gardens of Versailles

Versailles is worth a visit for a number of reasons; the palace is simply astounding, the architecture brilliant, and the interior lavish.

You have the feeling of being an insider in the lives of the French monarchy.

However, Versailles may not be worth it for those who don’t like big crowds, have little time, or have small children. (If you have little time but want to see a similar ornate palace in Paris, the Opera Garnier is a good bet, which is listed in my post on Paris’ hidden gems)

I’ll delve into more detail in this article.

Is It Worth Getting a Guided Tour of Versailles?

Yes, a guided tour is definitely worthwhile. Note that is it indeed possible to visit on your own, which is what I did.

First, a guide makes it simpler and easier to find your way around the enormous palace

Second, a tour guide will offer much richer detail on the palace, its history, and the kings and queens who lived there than the in-house information.

Third, you may have less of an issue with crowd navigation with a guided tour.

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5 Reasons Why Versailles Is Worth Visiting

Versailles palaces exterior with fountain

Versailles is perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris and even the world.

Here are my top five reasons why it’s worth adding to your travel list:

1. Historical Significance – It’s famous for a reason!

Versailles was the main residence and a symbol of absolute monarchy for French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI.

This enormous and extravagant palace and gardens played an important role in shaping European history, serving as the backdrop for significant political and social events that defined the era.

From grand celebrations to diplomatic negotiations, Versailles witnessed it all.

2. Stunning Architecture

Versailles showcases French Baroque architecture with incredibale intricate craftsmanship throughout the palace.

The interior is both opulent and elegant, with grand chandeliers, murals, and gold-leaf accents.

The Hall of Mirrors is a bit of a jaw-dropper: a long, gallery adorned with 357 mirrors, facing enormous windows that overlook the gardens.

The shimmering reflections and painted ceilings make it a must-see.

The stunning Hall of Mirrors at Versailles
Hall of Mirrors

The King’s and Queen’s Grand Apartments are remarkable collection of seven elegant rooms, each with a historical theme. This blend of grandeur and attention to detail makes Versailles truly spectacular.

3. The Gardens

Gardens of Versailles

The Gardens of Versailles are an enchanting world in themselves, and worth a trip on their own if you have time

Over 800 hectares, these are quintessential, elegant French gardens with precise geometrical layouts, adorned with fountains, sculptures, flower beds, and charming groves.

The Grand Canal runs through. Musical fountain shows add a magical touch in summer with the water dancing to period music.

👉Go here for times and days for the fountain shows.

4. Witness the Extravagance of French Royalty

Lavish interior of Versailles Palace
Queen’s apartment at Versailles

Stepping into Versailles is like stepping back in time, right into the lap of French royal luxury.

Each room tells a story of its own, making a visit to Versailles an immersive historical experience.

The King’s and Queen’s Grand Apartments are tremendously opulent; with period furniture and stunning artwork.

5. Variety of things to see and do

Each visit to Versailles gives you a chance to explore more of the grounds and see the palace in a different perspective.

Fancy a serene rowboat ride on the Grand Canal, surrounded by the palace’s enchanting gardens? You can rent one!

Marie Antoinette's hamlet at Versailles
Amrie Antoinette’s hamlet at Versailles

The Queen’s Hamlet is a charming and simple retreat created for Queen Marie Antoinette in contrast to the opulence of the main palace.

Don’t miss out on the Petit Trianon either, a smaller, more intimate palace nestled amidst beautifully designed gardens.

Why Versailles Isn’t Worth Visiting

Here are reasons why Versailles might not be worth it for some people:

  • Overwhelming Crowds – Versailles often draws large crowds. During peak times, the palace can get uncomfortably crowded, making it difficult to fully appreciate. If you prefer quiet, less crowded spaces, the Palace may not be for you, but the Gardens could be. See tips below to avoid the biggest crowds.
  • Time-Consuming – Visiting Versailles requires a lot of time. The palace and gardens are vast. To truly explore and appreciate everything Versailles offers, you’ll need to dedicate a full day. This can be a big chunk of your vacation if you’re on a shorter trip.
  • Not Very Family-Friendly – Versailles may not be ideal for families with very young children. The palace tour requires a lot of walking and standing, which can be challenging for little ones. Some kids may find the historical details and lengthy tour boring. Instead, take kids to the gardens.
  • Not Very Accessible – Versailles castle is accessible by means of ramps and elevators. The outer areas can be a bit uneven. Only the interior spaces of the Grand Trianon are accessible. Accessible toilet facilities are located throughout the Palace, and some restaurants are wheelchair-friendly.

Tips For Visiting Versailles

Three Fountains grove at Versailles, a hidden gem to visit
Three Fountains grove at Versailles

If you’ve realized that visiting Versailles is worth it for you, here are some tips that I hope will help make your time there more worthwhile. 


  • Prioritize what you want to see to avoid overwhelm. Versailles is vast. It is helpful to decide in advance the time you’ll need and whether you want a tour.

Picnic in the Gardens

  • Have a picnic the gardens, weather permitting, and grab some delicious food from Notre Dame Market near the palace. You can rent a bike or a rowboat for the canal.

How to avoid crowds

  • If you want a break from the crowds, the Trianon and other smaller buildings are peaceful and less crowded.
  • To avoid the biggest crowds, visit the palace on a Wednesday or Thursday. Weekends and Tuesdays are busiest. Or visit after 3 pm, when most tours are finished. The Palace is closed Mondays.
  • Consider exploring the gardens and having a picnic first, then the palace in the late afternoon.
  • Winter brings smaller crowds but isn’t great for the gardens due to unfavorable weather conditions. Some outdoor activities may not be available during this season.

FAQs – Visiting Versailles

Read on for more tips to have a great trip to Versailles:

How much time do you need in Versailles?

Half a day minimum; a full day to really experience the palace and gardens (bike and/or rent a rowboat, picnic). If you are in Paris for a week or 10 days you will definitely have time to visit Versailles.

What days to avoid Versailles?

Weekends and Tuesdays are busiest.

Can I tour Versailles on my own?


Is it better to visit Versailles in the morning or afternoon?

Most tours are from 9 to 3 pm, so to avoid crowds you can visit the palace starting about 3pm. Otherwise it doesn’t matter.

Final Thoughts: Is Versailles Worth It?

If you have never seen Versailles, it is worth visiting if you have at least a half day with the caveats mentioned above. It probably isn’t worth it if you are visiting Paris for a weekend.

If you have visited and are considering returning, you can use this guide for a reference. For example: You may want to see things you might have missed like the Queen’s Hamlet, or time a trip to see the musical fountain shows, or rent bikes and have a picnic in the gardens.

So in the end, is Verailles worth Visiting for you? I hope this guide has been helpful to point out possible difficulties, ways to work around them and things to consider if you want to visit.

Cheers and happy travels!

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