Trieste Beach Guide: 7 Best Beaches In & Near Trieste, Italy (with Map)

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Wondering about beaches in Trieste? Our guide will fill you in on the 7 best beaches and what to expect in each.

The beaches in Trieste are diverse and beloved by locals. The Adriatic waters range from deep blues to turquoise and provide excellent swimming and sunning opportunities.

These “beaches” are not your typical soft-sand beaches. Here you find pebbly beaches, promenades, urban swimming areas, and beautiful rocky shores and alcoves along the coastline. 

I spent six days total in Trieste and loved this northern Italian hidden gem. I enjoyed it so much that I came back for a second visit within two weeks! 

👉 In a nutshell: Here’s what you will find in our Trieste beach guide:

  • best 7 beaches in and near Trieste
  • what to expect
  • how to get there and cost
  • a numbered map
Barcola Beach, Trieste
Barcola Beach, Trieste

7 Best Trieste Beaches

If you’re planning a trip to Trieste and looking for the best beaches to visit, this guide will help you.

It offers detailed information on the various natural and man-made beaches in the area, including tips on the best times to visit, amenities available, and more.

Going to the local beaches (swim and sun areas) has been a tradition in Trieste for at least 100 years.  It is one of the authentic and fun things to experience in Trieste. People come to relax and enjoy family and friends, play cards, and soak in the sun.

1. Barcola Beach

Barcola Beach, Trieste, Italy
Aeiral view of Barcola Beach, Trieste

Barcola Beach is the heart of Trieste’s beach scene and a local favourite. This is not an actual sandy beach, but a 4 km promenade along the coast. There are rocky areas to access the water and some places have ladders.

It is located between Miramare Castle and Trieste, in the Barcola neighborhood, which is home to the historic and famous sailing race, the Barcolana Regatta that takes place every year in October.

The atmosphere is lively and friendly. You can swim (the water is deep), play beach volleyball, or paddle along the beautiful coastline with views of the Miramare castle.

The beach promenade is dotted with ice-cream parlours, bars, and cafés for a respite from the sun or an evening aperitif. Sunsets are beautiful.

Getting here:

  • Car: 10-minute drive from Trieste centre along V. Miramare.
  • Bus 6 or 36. A taxi is also a good option.
  • Bicycle: 20-30 minutes

Cost: Free

2. La Lanterna (El Pedocin)

La Lanterna, also known as “El Pedocin” is a pebbly beach swimming area right in the city. El Pedocin has a unique historic feature: a wall separates the beach into male and female areas! This situation is more than 100 years old.

You will have an authentic Trieste experience here; the beach is much like it was when it opened in 1903.  Women with small children and retired people enjoy it especially.

It has toilets and showers, a first aid area, changing areas (unmonitored), and storage for beach items. Bring your own chair or beach mat.

  • Address: Molo Fratelli Bandiera, 2
  • Getting here: 5-minute walk from the centre
  • Cost: 1 EUR most of the year. Free at certain times.

3. Topolini

Topoli Beach, Trieste
Topoli Beach, Trieste

Topolini is an area farther along the Barcola walkway from Barcola Beach (heading away from Trieste). There are 10 semi-circular terraces that face the Adriatic. 

😎 Local Tidbit:Topolino” is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. These blue circular terraces look like Mikey Mouse’s ears.

The first two terraces have small pebble beaches and are often frequented by families with small children and elders. Transitioning along the coast, you can access the water by using steps or by jumping right off the terrace into the water.

  • Getting here: Same as Barcola Beach, just a little farther north away from Trieste centre.
  • Cost: Free

4. Bagno da Sticco – Miramare Castle

Castle Miramare and shoreline
Castle Miramare and shoreline near Trieste, Italy

The Bagno Sticco Beach Club is located near Castle Miramare and the protected marine reserve. This is a beautiful location, benefitted by the fresh waters from the marine reserve.

You won’t find a regular beach here, instead a panoramic terrace with steps down to the water for swimming.

There is also a bar and restaurant, lifeguards, shady and sunny areas, and a playground area and ice cream nearby. 

  • Getting there: Car: 15 minutes north of Trieste. Bus
  • Cost: Adult 18 Euro

👉 UPDATE: the Bagno da Sticco was damaged severely by storms in the fall of 2023. They are raising money to rebuild this lovely and traditional beach club frequented by locals and tourists for years.

BEST Sandy Beaches Near Trieste

I want to be clear: there are no typical soft-sand beaches in or near Trieste! These are pebbled beaches as opposed to soft sand.

Below are three excellent beach areas with beautiful environments, views, and crystal-clear water.

5. Le Ginestre Beach Club

A bit farther north from Trieste is the Ginestre beach club. There are three beaches here, all fine/small pebbles in beautiful and tranquil areas. Sun loungers, umbrellas, and various other beach equipment can be rented.

Cost: 35 or 45 Euro for 1/2 day and 70 Euro for a full day. Some equipment included and various other things to rent. Check Le Ginestre’s website for prices and equipment rental.

Getting there: Car: 20 minutes. Bus: G51 40 minutes.

6. Sistiana Bay Beaches

Castlereggio Beach, Sistiana Bay, Trieste
Castlereggio Beach at Sistiana Bay

Nestled a bit north, Sistiana Bay boasts Dunio cliffs and a distant view of Dunio Castle. Ideal for beachgoers, this spot is a key highlight in the Trieste Beach Guide.

There are several pebbly beach areas here within Caravella Park with various offerings of loungers, chairs, food, and activities, including a beach dedicated to families and one for dogs. Two of the popular beaches:

  • Castlereggio is popular with people from Trieste and a good value. There are cabins, showers, changing rooms, and lifeguards on duty. You can rent sunning beds and umbrellas. There is a kiosk bar and a self-serve cafeteria.
  • Caravella (on the other side of the bay) is a full-service beach experience with activities for all ages: pedal boats, canoes, beach volleyball and tennis, sailing, windsurfing, and more). There are bars, grills, and a pizza place plus there are massages offered.
  • Getting here: Car: 25-minute drive from Trieste
  • Bus: G51 from Trieste: 45 minutes
  • Cost: varies

7. The coastline beaches of Muggia

Muggia is a quaint historic town south of Trieste with seven kilometres of coastline that has various places to sunbathe and swim.

There are many pebbly and sandy beaches and rocky stretches surrounded by lush vegetation along the coast near Muggia.

Muggia, a small town near Trieste
The small port town of Muggia

After soaking up the sun or a refreshing swim, take a leisurely stroll and enjoy dinner in charming Muggia.

Muggia is very close to Trieste and also could be visited as a day trip from Trieste for visiting the historic town and the coastline.

  • Getting there: 15 minutes by car from Trieste or 30 minutes by ferry for 8 Euro
  • Cost: Free

Trieste Beaches: Map

Each number corresponds with the number in the post. Click for information on each location.

Where To Stay In Trieste

Sunset on Grand Plaza, Trieste
Sunset on the Grand Plaza, Trieste

You can easily walk around the main historic centre in Trieste. These hotels are all of excellent quality, in or near the town centre and many local restaurants, and have character and charm.

📍Luxury Option: Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste. Historically known as the “Most important and luxurious hotel in the Austro-Hungarian Empire”.  Elegant, sea views, gourmet cuisine. Located on the Grand Plaza (Piazza dell’Unita d’Italia).

📍Mid-Range Option: Addicted to Paradise B&B.  Large, airy rooms, beautiful decor, excellent breakfast. Near the train station and a few minutes walk to the centre.

📍Budget Option:  B&B I Filoksenia Old world charm, friendly owners.  My favorite place to stay in Trieste. Excellent value with beautiful antiques. Near the train station and downtown.

FAQs – Trieste Beaches

Questions and answers about Trieste’s beaches:

Does Trieste have a beach?

There are several beaches areas for swimming and sun in and near Trieste, including a pebble beach area in the city centre.

Can you swim in the sea in Trieste?


Does Trieste have a sandy beach?

There are no soft-sand beaches in Trieste. Trieste has a pebbly beach in the city and several sandy/pebbly beaches a short distance away.

Final Thoughts – Beaches in Trieste

The “beaches” of Trieste are more than places to relax and enjoy the sun and swimming. They are places almost like second homes to the people of Trieste.

As a visitor going to the sea in Trieste, it is possible to soak up the sun, swim in the beautiful water of the Adriatic and surely relax in a traditional local atmosphere. With this guide, you can find your perfect beach in Trieste. It’s a win-win-win 😎.

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